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2 years ago

EOT Gantry Cranes- Cost Effective Solution To Lift Heavy Weight

EOT Gantry Cranes- Cost Effective Solution To Lift Heavy Weight

Over the years, the market has introduced a lot of modern equipments and hi-tech machines such as cranes for lifting heavy goods and loads in factories and industrial areas. When it comes to choosing the best type of cranes, you can choose the Electric Overhead Traveling or EOT gantry cranes  which are known to be the best type of cranes for uplifting goods from one place to another. These cranes will help you to hoist, lift or lower the materials with the use of pulleys and ropes in industrial applications, construction sites, loading and uploading of heavy goods and items. The best thing about these types of cranes is that you can use them in lifting items both indoors and outdoors. If you desire to operate these  cranes in an open space then you won't be able to find crane as good as EOT gantry cranes. You can also use these cranes on sites like flyovers and bridges. The grinder in the cranes comes in varied types which is comprised of  RSJ, plate box, or truss. The best thing about these cranes is that they can be controlled both manually and automatically. The person sitting inside the cranes controls it manually and automatically. You can control it by methods like radio control, IR controls and other type of signals. Ankit Equipments is the leading company that deals in all types of EOT gantry cranes, EOT cranes hoist etc.


Generally, the crane designs are based on two important considerations. Firstly, it should be able to lift the capacity of the load, and secondly, its stability while performing heavy weight lifting operations. It is necessary while choosing the crane, you must choose the crane that will fulfill all your requirements of lifting tons of heavy weight goods. EOT crane hoist are designed in such a way so that it can enhance the longevity of the equipments. These cranes consumers very smaller areas as these crane hoist are wall mounted and floor mounted. You can use EOT gantry cranes both in single and double girders for lifting heavy materials.  While single girder cranes can handle 1-15 tonnes of load, the  double girder can lift up to 100 tonnes of load. Both these cranes are rigid, sturdy and durable. There are many companies that will provide you various EOT gantry cranes. Safety, quality and service durability are the major factors that every crane manufacturer should offer. Ankit Equipments (P) Limited is a foremost manufacturer and supplier in Bangalore and Karnataka in India that offers its clients supplying and installation of excellence and durable quality of EOT gantry cranes both in single and double girders that can lift up to 100 tonnes of load.